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Where We Work: Pap-Onditi, Kenya

Pap-Onditi is a small rural community in far western Kenya near Lake Victoria. ‘Pap’ means a flat, dry place in the Luo language; ‘Onditi’ is a name of a local family- translated: Onditi’s flat, dry place. Most who live here are subsistence farmers, surviving on less an $2 per day. They struggle to feed their families and to pay the fees needed to keep their children

Food Distribution for AIDS Orphans

Over the last 25 years the HIV/AIDS epidemic has ravaged the community of Pap-Onditi. Every family has been affected. Many have lost mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles. The loss of beloved family members has a lasting social and economic impact. Families struggle to care for extra children, to feed and educate them. More than 60 children at the Konditi Primary School have lost one

Clean Water Program

The most pressing issue faced by the families of Pap-Onditi is the need for safe, clean, accessible water. They are not alone. Over 43% of Kenya's population drinks water that is unsafe. Children die at an alarming rate from waterborne illnesses. And yet only 5% of all potential water sources in Kenya are developed. Collecting water from distant sources and transporting it back home is arduous work

Konditi Primary School

Much of our work takes place at the Konditi Primary School, which lies just outside the main market area in Pap-Onditi, Kenya. Our programs at the school are designed to improve the education and health of the children and to support their teachers, parents, and the community as a whole. We have worked to build a clean water well and composting latrines on the school grounds. We continue

Lunchtime Feeding Program

Children learn best when they are rested and well nourished. Many families in Pap-Onditi struggle to provide enough food each day to feed their children. Children arrive at school hungry, and this hunger interferes with their ability to learn. It prevents optimal physical growth and slows brain development. To combat this hunger at a very fundamental level, I-KODI initiated a that provides a hot lunch to

Academic Scholarships

For the families and children of Pap-Onditi, education is valued above all else. Providing an academic scholarship for a student to attend high school can make the difference between continuing the cycle of poverty and breaking free. We work with students, teachers, parents and community members to identify students with high potential for academic success. Many times, these students are living in extreme poverty. Our scholarship program

Support for Primary School Teachers

Each morning, a group of teachers gathers at the Konditi Primary School library to prepare for the day's lessons. They teach subjects including English, math, science and social studies. They are men and women, young and experienced alike. What they share is a dedication to teaching- often under conditions that are less then ideal. They have few supplies, no access to technology, and little in the

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood is a time of rapid physical development, accelerated learning and social growth. At I-KODI, we recognize the impact of this critical period in childhood on future learning and economic opportunity. In response, we are launching an innovative new program at the Konditi Primary School to focus on supporting and improving conditions for education of young children during this critical window of time. Working in partnership

Luci Lights

What is a Luci light? The simple answer is a small solar-powered inflatable device that provides a reliable, clean source of light for up to 10 years. It is a way to bring light to some of the 1.3 billion people worldwide who live without access to electricity. But the real answer is that a Luci light is hope. It is a source of light where there is