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Vulnerable Children

More than 60 children at the Konditi Primary School have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. These children are often cared for by extended family members. To help offset the burden of caring for additional children, I-KODI provides them with basic food staples including rice, beans, maize and cooking oil, helping to increase the stability of many families. We invite you to learn more about

Luci Lights

What is a Luci light? It is a small solar-powered inflatable device that provides a reliable, clean source of light for up to 10 years.  In 2015, I-KODI partnered with the All About the Light Foundation to provide Luci Lights to children at the Konditi Primary School. We have since distributed over 100 lights to the children in Grades 6-8. We invite you to learn more about

Konditi Primary School

The Konditi Primary School lies just outside the main market area in Pap-Onditi, Kenya. Enrollment at the school is currently 322 students from the surrounding community. We invite you to learn more about our programs at the school, including the and . And find out more about the new at the school. Please consider joining us in furthering the education and development of these promising

Lunchtime Meal

For over 5 years, I-KODI has maintained a lunchtime feeding program at the Konditi Primary School that provides a hot lunch to over 340 children and staff each day. We invite you to learn more about our and consider joining us in supporting our efforts to improve the health and educational development of these children.

Early Childhood Education

Working in partnership with local teachers, parents and community members, we are initiating a comprehensive program that includes construction of a dedicated building for early childhood education (ECE) and implementation of best practices for the education of children ages 3-5. We invite you to learn more about our and join us in supporting this exciting new initiative.

Teacher Support

Recognizing the critical need for qualified teachers, I-KODI provides salary support to additional teachers at the Konditi Primary School. We currently support four dedicated and caring teachers at the school. We invite you to learn more about our and to join us in providing much needed financial assistance that will secure their future at the school.  

Clean Water

Over 43% of Kenya's population drinks water that is unsafe. And yet only 5% of all potential water sources in Kenya are developed. In response to the needs of the community, I-KODI initiated a series of projects to construct clean water wells. The need for readily accessible water remains high. We invite you to learn more about our and to consider supporting the creation of new

Academic Scholarships

We work with students, teachers, parents and community members to identify students with high potential for academic success. Our scholarship program provides everything needed for a student to attend high school, including full tuition, room and board, books and uniforms. We invite you learn more about our . Join us in helping to support a young student and forever change a life for the better.