Support for Primary School Teachers

Each morning, a group of teachers gathers at the Konditi Primary School library to prepare for the day’s lessons.

They teach subjects including English, math, science and social studies. They are men and women, young and experienced alike. What they share is a dedication to teaching- often under conditions that are less then ideal. They have few supplies, no access to technology, and little in the way of books. Even basic items like pencils, pens and paper are handed out sparingly. They work long hours for low wages.

In recognizing the critical need for qualified teachers, I-KODI initiated a program to provide salary support to hire additional teachers at the Konditi Primary School. We currently support three additional teachers at the school, and plan to expand this program to include a teacher dedicated to working with special needs children.

We invite you to learn more about our Teacher Support Program and to join us in providing much needed financial assistance that will secure their future at the school.



Paul Orwadho, Headmaster of the Konditi Primary School
Teachers at the Konditi Primary School