Clean Water Program

The most pressing issue faced by the families of Pap-Onditi is the need for safe, clean, accessible water. They are not alone.

Over 43% of Kenya’s population drinks water that is unsafe. Children die at an alarming rate from waterborne illnesses. And yet only 5% of all potential water sources in Kenya are developed.

Collecting water from distant sources and transporting it back home is arduous work that typically falls to women and girls. It takes hours each day to collect water- meaning girls often miss out on school. Long walks alone, especially in the evenings, leave them vulnerable to rape.

In response to the needs of the community, I-KODI initiated a series of projects to construct clean water wells. Our first well was dug on the grounds of the Konditi Primary School. We have since completed six additional wells. But the need for readily accessible water remains high.

We invite you to learn more about our Clean Water Program and to consider supporting the creation of new wells in the community. These wells have the power to transform the lives of women and girls by providing a safe, secure and accessible source of clean water.


Community Well