Where We Work

Pap-Onditi is a small rural community in far western Kenya near Lake Victoria. ‘Pap’ means a flat, dry place in the Luo language; ‘Onditi’ is a name of a local family- translated: Onditi’s flat, dry place.

Most who live here are subsistence farmers, surviving on less an $2 per day. They struggle to feed their families and to pay the fees needed to keep their children in school. Education is a prized goal, but often out of reach. Drought is a constant force in their lives and they often must walk long distances to gather water. Each day brings new hardships and many here struggle to survive.

And yet, there is spirit of resiliency; the knowledge that it is possible to make things better. A willingness to work together, to develop simple and effective solutions that address their most pressing problems.

We invite you to spend a day in Pap-Onditi and join us in supporting the programs that are making a difference in the lives of the people who live and work in this community.