Clean Water

The need for accessible and clean water is the single most pressing issue faced by community members in Pap-Onditi on a daily basis.

In 2012, I-KODI partnered with Water for Humanity to begin a series of projects to provide water wells in the village.

konditi-well-2Contracting with local workers, we commissioned our first water well on the grounds of the Konditi Primary School. The day the well was “christened” was a joyful occasion and cause for much interest, laughter and celebration among the children and teachers.




Today, the well continues to function, providing a reliable source of clean water to the school. Water that is used to prepare the lunchtime meal and promote the practice of regular hand washing.

Since that time, we have created six more wells within the community. The location of each well is established by residents, often women, who submit applications and describe the need and location of the proposed well. Each well is monitored by nearby residents, who take ownership for its use and maintenance.

handing-over3The impact of these wells cannot be overstated.

They provide a regular source of clean water during periods of drought.

They allow mothers to gather water for household chores without the burden of leaving young children alone for long periods of time.

Girls are spared walking long distances to gather and transport water, trips that cause them to miss school, fall behind their classmates, and leave them vulnerable to sexual violence.

The need for new wells in the community currently outpaces our ability to provide them. By joining with us in this initiative, you will be directly contributing to providing a much needed and critical resource.


What your donation provides:

$2,500 provides enough funds to build a new well in the community. Each well can provide safe, reliable, clean water for upwards of 150 area residents.

$40 provides a household with a long-lasting ceramic water filter.

How to make a donation

By clicking Donate Now, you will be directed to a secure online donation page managed by The Hitchcock Foundation, the fiscal agent for I-KODI.

Simply fill in your name, the amount of your donation and indicate “I-KODI” as the name of  the program. 100% of your donation will be directed to I-KODI. Secure payment can then be made by PayPal as directed.

All donations will be processed through the Hitchcock Foundation and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Your generosity is deeply appreciated.