Our Mission

In the Luo language of western Kenya, “kodi” translates roughly into “with you”. I-KODI was created to express the simple conceptI am with you.

Founded in 2009 as a grassroots non-profit organization, I-KODI is dedicated to improving the quality of education and healthcare in the rural community of Pap-Onditi in western Kenya.

We develop our programs based on the idea that by working together, we can have a profound and lasting positive impact on the wellbeing of an entire community.

We develop programs in partnership with local team members. We take our guidance from those people most in touch with the daily challenges of living here.

We ask questions, listen to the answers, and together we implement simple, integrated and effective solutions that address their most pressing needs.

We engage with the community on a deeply personal level.

The founder and CEO of I-KODI, Daniel Ochiel, was born and raised in Pap-Onditi. Growing up, he struggled to obtain an education in the face of extreme poverty. He knows first hand the challenges and aspirations of the people living in this community. He understands the deep and lasting value of giving back.

We invite you to join us- as a friend, a partner, a donor. Read more about our story, and learn about our programs on the ground in Pap-Onditi.

Visit our gallery of images and videos for an intimate look at daily life in the village.

Help us celebrate the people and stories that make up the rich fabric of this community.

Our first scholarship student Calvin with his father. Calvin is now attending university!
Regular food distribution for the caregivers of HIV/AIDS orphans in the community.
Scholarship students
Children at the Konditi Primary School receive a hot meal at lunchtime.
Lucy Lights provide a safe and sustainable source of light in the home.