Early Childhood Education Program

More than 100 children, ages 3-5, participate in the early childhood education program at the Konditi Primary School under the direction of three dedicated teachers.

As the school day begins, these children take their places around large tables. They sit close together, elbow to elbow, as their teacher writes words in English on the chalkboard. The mood is serious, the children sit quietly, focused intently. Just across a makeshift partition, another group of youngsters recite their lessons in similarly close quarters.

Despite the best efforts of the school, space is cramped. There is little room to move about, no quiet places or nooks for small groups to gather. No toys or games for imaginative play. There is little in the way of freedom to explore. The teachers do their best, but they do so against a growing tide of youngsters who crowd daily into the only available classroom.

We know that educational programs designed for this age group are essential for nurturing optimal growth and development. And we know the benefits are far-reaching; enhanced vocabulary, greater emotional stability, improved social skills. Children are better prepared, ready and able to enter grade school and thrive. In fact, many studies suggest that educational intervention in early childhood yields positive academic and social benefits well into adolescence and adulthood.

I-KODI is proud to announce a new partnership to address the needs of early childhood education at the Konditi Primary School.

With generous donor support, we will partner with teachers, parents and community members to construct a new building on the grounds of the primary school, specifically designed and dedicated to early childhood education. We will integrate this program with added nutritional support and healthcare education specifically geared to this age group.

When completed, this initiative will provide an environment that stimulates growth and development of young children and gives them a firm foundation to continue their education at the school.

We’re in the planning stages now, so be sure to check back often for more news and updates!

And consider joining us with a donation today to help us provide comprehensive nutritional support and health education to these young children.


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