Early Childhood Education

Educational programs designed for young children are essential for nurturing optimal growth and development. The benefits of early intervention are far-reaching; enhanced learning, greater emotional stability, improved social skills. Children are better prepared to enter grade school and thrive. In fact, many studies suggest that educational intervention in early childhood yields positive academic and social benefits well into adolescence and adulthood.

More than 65 children, ages 3-5, currently attend classes at the Konditi Primary School. With generous donor support in 2019, I-KODI partnered with teachers, parents and community members to construct a new building on the grounds of the primary school, specifically dedicated to early childhood education. The new ECD building consists of two large, bright classrooms and a separate large community room. The building is fully functioning and serving the needs of the youngest children at the school. The classrooms are equipped with desks, tables and chairs. Classes are lead by three ECD teachers.

Looking ahead, I-KODI is working to integrate added nutritional support into the ECD program. Young students will be provided with a mid-morning snack each day, in addition to a hot meal at lunchtime. It is our belief that this added support will reap benefits for the children now and far into the future.

Please consider joining us with a donation today to help expand upon this important program by providing comprehensive nutritional support and health education to these young children.


Your generosity is deeply appreciated.

Early Childhood