Our Story

The story of I-KODI is really the story of its founder, Daniel Ochiel.

To colleagues at Dartmouth College, Harvard University and Columbia University, he is known as “Dr. Ochiel”. He has advanced degrees in Veterinary Medicine, Physiology, and Public Health.

At I-KODI, he is known as “Daniel”.

But among the villagers in his community of Pap-Onditi, Kenya, he is simply “Dan”.

Daniel grew up in Pap-Onditi, a small rural community near the eastern shores of Lake Victoria. He knows the people of his village and he understands the challenges they face on a daily basis to overcome severe poverty. He knows which families are celebrating the birth of a new baby and which are gathering for a funeral. He is an “uncle” to many young children, a revered role model for older students, and a favorite son to many elders.

People remember him as a boy attending the Konditi Primary School, the “smart one” in his class. They knew he was special, but no one imaged how far he would go. Or that one day, after achieving international academic and career success, he would return. People in the community know what makes Dan different. They are proud to tell you about his remarkable story of hard work and achievement. They will remind you that he came from this village, this school, this community.

But more often than not, they will tell you that what makes Dan different is the simple fact that he returned. Not just to visit, but to stay.

In creating I-KODI, Daniel made a lasting commitment to improve the quality of life in his community. By focusing on education, I-KODI gives many more children the chance to learn, to reach out and achieve their full potential.

Daniel has gathered a group of friends, colleagues and supporters to achieve positive change in Pap-Onditi. Every dollar raised by I-KODI goes directly to furthering these efforts. Every project is a collaborative undertaking. Every success is celebrated.

I-KODI works to improve the quality of education at the primary school, to support teachers and provide scholarships. We help caregivers who raise the orphans of HIV/AIDS and we provide a hot meal for the children each day at school.

We take a holistic approach to supporting and strengthening the bonds within a entire community of people. We know their names and their hopes for the future.

We gather, we listen, and like Dan, we return.

We invite you to join us.