Vulnerable Children

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has left millions of children as orphans in sub-Saharan Africa.

Within Kenya, the Kokech district where we work is one of the hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic. Hundreds of community members carry the burden of HIV infection. Even with treatment, the disease takes a heavy toll on the community.

Families receive basic food staples including maize, beans, rice and cooking oil
Families receive basic food staples including maize, beans, rice and cooking oil

Many children who are orphaned by HIV/AIDS are being raised by relatives and other caregivers, who themselves must rely on severely limited resources to sustain their families.

They struggle to feed these children and often cannot pay their school fees on a regular basis. Despite the best efforts of caregivers, most orphans drop out of school permanently.

More than 60 children at the Konditi Primary School are orphans, having lost one or both parents to AIDS.

Recognizing the devastating impact of the epidemic on children, I-KODI sought to address their most pressing needs by providing food directly to their caregivers in the community.

food_aids_orphans-3Each month, families and relatives gather in Pap-Onditi and receive a 3-month supply of basic food staples- maize, beans, rice and cooking oil.

This food helps to sustain them and to provide for the added burden of caring for additional children in the household. The families in turn are better able to support these children and to pay the fees necessary to keep them in school.

We began this program in 2010 by supporting 10 families. With generous support, we have expanded our reach to 25 families. However, over 35 families are still in need.

What your donation provides:

Maize, beans, rice and cooking oil are purchased locally and distributed directly to those caregivers most in need. By joining us in this initiative, you help provide critical food supplies to these families.konditi-6

$50 provides food for a family for 3 months

$200 provides food for a family for 1 year

Your donation goes towards the purchase and provision of food to the caregivers of these children, which has an immediate and lasting positive impact of their quality of life.

How to make a donation

By clicking Donate Now, you will be directed to a secure online donation page managed by The Hitchcock Foundation, the fiscal agent for I-KODI.

Simply fill in your name, the amount of your donation and indicate “I-KODI” as the name of  the program. 100% of your donation will be directed to I-KODI. Secure payment can then be made by PayPal as directed.

All donations will be processed through the Hitchcock Foundation and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Your generosity is deeply appreciated.