Luci Lights

What is a Luci light?

The simple answer is a small solar-powered inflatable device that provides a reliable, clean source of light for up to 10 years. It is a way to bring light to some of the 1.3 billion people worldwide who live without access to electricity.

But the real answer is that a Luci light is hope.

It is a source of light where there is often only darkness. It is a light to read and study at night. It is a way to escape the toxic fumes of having an open kerosene flame in your home. It is a way to save money for your children to attend school.

On a larger scale, a Luci light is a valued commodity. It can by sold by women’s groups to earn income. It is a way to make in-roads into environmental conservation by preventing deforestation and habitat loss associated with selling and burning wood.

In 2015, I-KODI initiated a program in partnership with the All About the Light Foundation to provide Luci Lights to children at the Konditi Primary School. We have since distributed over 100 lights to the children in Grades 6-8.

We invite you to learn more about our Luci Lights Program and to read more the about the tremendous personal impact a light can have on the life of a child.

Please consider joining us in supporting the continued development this program.



Vendors in the marketplace can now continue to work in the evenings using Luci lights.
A Luci light next to a typical kerosene light used in homes in Pap Onditi. Luci lights provide clean, safe and renewal light for up to 10 years.