Early Childhood Education

Early childhood is a time of rapid physical development, accelerated learning and social growth.

At I-KODI, we recognize the impact of this critical period in childhood on future learning and economic opportunity. In response, we are launching an innovative new program at the Konditi Primary School to focus on supporting and improving conditions for education of young children during this critical window of time.

Working in partnership with local teachers, parents and community members, we are initiating a comprehensive program that will include construction of a dedicated building for early childhood education (ECE) and implementation of best practices for the education of children ages 3-5.

The program will include indoor educational space and outdoor play areas. Children will be supported further with age-appropriate nutritional interventions and taught basic hygiene practices like hand washing to improve their overall health.

We invite you to learn more about our Early Childhood Education Program and join us in supporting this exciting new initiative.


Teachers at the Konditi Primary School